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Movies, Shorts, Videogames and Documentaries


is our watchword

Production sound mixer

Studying the scene, analyzing the actions, the script, the dialogues, taking the spot, miking, positioning, focusing, pre-mixing, mixing, pre-amping, amping, re-amping, recording, syncing, eq-ing, panning, balancing...well there are a lot of ``behind the scenes`` concealed behind the things we usually see on a recording session in the studio or during the set of a movie. The knowledge and technical know-how are way beyond the quality checking, the boom operator duties, the REC button-pushing, but yes, sometimes it seems we basically doing just only that!

Post & Editing

Nowadays, post production and editing, are some steps which are definitively impossible to skip if we are talking about a professional end product. Whatever you are goin to record, it will need to be edit and post produced, and that’s a fact. A Voiceover, a dubbing session, foley, a very clean dialogue with lavalieres? Yes, it needs to send to the post! And what about a studio recording of a string quartet? Yes it need to be post produced! If if is been recorded, then cleaning, conforming, focusing, matching, editing are the next steps. Obviously sometimes is not possible to save it in post, but yes, most of the streets leading to Rome

Sound Design & Foley

Sound design is manipulating sound, designing it in to its path to make it becoming something else or something better. It has to fit the scene, and reach its perfect focus for the director vision. Sometimes is subtle like something which is at the same time foley and mixing and post producing technique. We help and we craft the sound to archive its goal in the user experience inside and outside its frame

Sound Design as Scoring

Since 2011 we are experimenting and working with sound design and foley. We have recorded, manipulated, synced, designed with recorded sound or libraries/VST instruments sound for many outputs. From soundtracks and scores to exhibition texturing, from synchronizing TV commercials to short-to-long-length media.

Sound Engineering

When you are recording instruments, dialogues, soundscapes, actions, foley…the watchword is editing! After a while practice becomes mastering and it is being a while we deal with it! We had the chance to work with 5.1, stereo, and 360 sound environments and the pleasure of mixing and mastering many tracks of many moods and styles. We are ready for new challenges!


We are able to write and score for real orchestra, due our experience in conservatory and masterclass, with and specific instruments knowledge techniques. In the same way, we deeply understand and know how to produce music via virtual orchestration.

Music Composition

In the last 12 years, we experienced into composing, studying, analyzing and crafting music. We can actually compose in almost any style and mood, from classical to modern scoring, from rock to electronic and obviously underscores

Motion Design & Animation

In over a decade of experience we had the chance to work in almost any kind of media. 2D, 3D, frame by frame, mixed techniques. We had the chance to produce GFX and Animated crafted outputs for PS5 games, Exhibitions, Netflix, SKY series and tons of other clients

a few selected commercials and explainer video we worked on

Our recent projects.

Quel Castello | Buffet

Quel Castello | Buffet

Spot TV – Olio su Tavola “I capolavori dell’extravergine”

Spot TV – Olio su Tavola “I capolavori dell’extravergine”

SKILINK – Ski Bus Service in Livigno

SKILINK – Ski Bus Service in Livigno

Amazing Astonishing Anamorphic New Year!

Amazing Astonishing Anamorphic New Year!

Botanico – Promo Commercial

Botanico – Promo Commercial

Aqwards & honors

The awards won
by our project.

Our Studio members had the chance to be awarded individually in motion design, sound design/foley, and music composition, but the best is yet to come

Nastro Argento 2020 Special Award with “La Fellinette”, Meclimone

We worked on documentaries, shorts and commercials currently distributed, projected on theatres and/or streamed on Netflix, SKY, Amazon Prime, Not, Chilli, Rai Mediaset NOVE and many more

Best OST48h Film Project 2020 with “Una Chiave sul Passato” – NOT TEAM

Design Award Nominee 2019 and 2020 for Motion Design with Bitminer Factory explainer video and Comix Flash commercial

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We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and tailormade solutions to create amazing identity by crafting sounds, music, and visuals for brands, commercials, games, exhibitions, films, and documentaries

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